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Tulsa, Oklahoma


"'Spiritual combat' is another element of life which needs to be taught anew and proposed once more to all Christians today. It is a secret and interior art, an invisible struggle in which we engage every day against the temptations, the evil suggestions that the demon tries to plant in our hearts."
Saint John Paul II is your online source for information on the sacramentals of the Catholic Church, specifically the Crucifix, Holy Rosary, Brown Scapular, Saint Benedict Medal, Miraculous Medal (Medal of the Immaculate Conception), Holy Water, Blessed Oil, Blessed Salt and Statues. Our online shop provides heirloom quality items for sale hoping to foster devotion to the power of the Church's sacramentals.

Although we have stressed the truth that the sacramentals derive their efficacy chiefly from the intercessory power of the Church, we may not minimize the role played by man's own subjective dispositions. The sacraments, too, for that matter, demand something of the individual recipient--at the very least that the subject place no obstacle in the way of grace. But in the case of the sacramentals man's cooperation has a very large part to play if they are to attain their full purpose. Their function is to provide an atmosphere in which the virtue of religion can thrive, and to produce a psychological reaction in man, to raise his thoughts and aspirations out of the realm of the profane and up to the realm of the sacred, to fix his heart on the things of the spirit, to impress on his consciousness God's will for him and God's providence always hovering over him.

Jujube Wood Rosary - 10mm 20"


Jujube Wood Rosary - 10mm 20"


Jujube Wood Rosary - 10mm 20"


Smooth Jujube Wood Rosary  W2-26

  • 10mm Smooth Hail Mary Beads 
  • 10mm Smooth Our Father Beads  
  • Total Length - 20 Inches  
  • Dark Brown
  • Heirloom Quality
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Remember to have your rosary blessed by a Catholic priest or deacon.  Download the blessing here and take it along with your rosary to a priest or deacon and ask them to kindly bless it.

Jujube Wood 

In Christian tradition, the Jujube Tree has been identified as the 'thorn bush' from which Christ's Crown of Thorns was woven during His Passion.  Pilgrims to the Holy Land would take branches of the tree back to their homelands as a souvenir and reminder of Christ's suffering and love.  Jujube wood is heavy and durable and serves for artistic woodwork.

Our Jujube Wood Rosaries come in a variety of sizes and designs and are made to last a very long time.  These Rosaries, with their corded construction, smooth beads and soft feel are guaranteed to provide many years of contemplative praying.